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Kominfo Tapteng Holds Phase III Workshop for Smart City Masterplan Development


Kominfo Tapteng Holds Phase III Workshop for Smart City Masterplan Development

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Head of the Central Tapanuli Communications and Information Service, Darwin Pasaribu (One from the right) when giving a speech at the Technical Guidance (Bimtek) event for the preparation of the Smart City master plan and Quick Win Tapteng Flagship Program. (
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Tapteng, 31/8 ( The Communication and Informatics Office (Kominfo) of Tapanuli Tengah Regency (Tapteng) has once again organized a technical guidance workshop (Bimtek) for the development of the masterplan for a Smart City and Tapteng’s flagship Quick Win Program.

The Phase III Bimtek, in cooperation with the Tapteng Kominfo and the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, spanned two days, commencing on Wednesday (August 30) and concluding on Thursday ( (August 31, 2023). The event took place at the STPK Matauli Pandan Hall.

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The Phase III Bimtek was officially inaugurated by the Head of the Tapteng Communication and Informatics Office, Darwin Pasaribu, accompanied by the Head of e-Government, Sonny Juanda Nasution.

“This Phase III Bimtek aims to develop the core programs of each government agency. Hopefully, this event will proceed smoothly without any obstacles, and we anticipate successful outcomes,” stated Darwin Pasaribu.

The Bimtek featured Dr. Wing Wahyu Winarto, an Expert from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, accompanied by Frasto Pianto as an Assistant Expert.

Dr. Wing Wahyu Winarto explained that the Bimtek participants, consisting of Functional Planners from various government agencies within the Tapteng Local Government, would outline programs planned for the next 10 years, including their budgets.

“Participants are tasked with designing programs that will be executed annually for the next 10 years. These programs will refer to the RPJMD or RPD,” Dr. Wing explained.

Dr. Wing mentioned that Phase III Bimtek would culminate in a masterplan or a comprehensive blueprint that would transform Tapteng into a Smart City, consisting of six dimensions: Smart Governance, Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Society, Smart Environment, and Smart Branding.

“With the masterplan in place, the development of Tapteng is expected to align with its vision,” Wing said.

Furthermore, Wing elaborated that the next steps in this Bimtek would involve identifying programs deemed as Quick Wins or standout initiatives from the six dimensions of the Smart City framework, which will be implemented next year.

“Kominfo will evaluate these Quick Win Programs to ensure their benefits are felt by the community. For instance, services such as birth certificate processing that can be completed quickly. A mother who gives birth at a healthcare facility like a health center or hospital can have her birth certificate within two days of discharge,” he explained.

Wing also expressed hope that with the spirit of masterplan development and Smart City program implementation, Tapteng Regency can achieve significant and sustainable improvements in public service and quality of life for its residents. (red)

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